From Success to Significance

Montell Jordan has been blessed with the gift of music and a natural ability to connect with others around him. For years, he used these gifts to entertain, pursuing fame and his own personal desires. But the Montell of today is different from the R&B star he once was because he’s no longer concerned with success, but with significance. As an ordained pastor and worship leader, Montell is able to encourage, inspire, and counsel people every day.

Montell, the R&B Star Becomes Montell, the Pastor

As an R&B star, Montell chose to use his gifts and talents to pursue fame and success. And while he’s grateful for the opportunities he’s been afforded, Montell knew he was being called to do something different with his life. He realized that his marriage and family were far more important than who he was or what he did, making the decision to follow God’s call instead of his own desires.

Moving with his family to Atlanta, Montell knew it was time to separate himself from Los Angeles and the spotlight. By choosing to pursue God and His plan for their lives over fame and success, Montell and his wife, Kristin, saw their family and marriage reconstructed. Together, the two serve faithfully at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia—helping others find the same peace and hope in their lives and relationships. Read Montell’s latest book for the full story of this journey.

Marriage Ministry

In an age where divorce is becoming increasingly more common and accepted, it’s evident that married couples are focusing on their exit strategies, rather than their eternal strategies. Instead of working on their marriages every day, couples are just expecting their marriages to succeed. Married for over 20 years and having endured their share of trials, Montell and Kristin Jordan understand that a successful marriage requires both partners act with intention and to choose their marriage every day. As marriage counselors, Montell and Kristin promote the importance of intimacy and communication to equip couples with the right tools to succeed.

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Prayer & Devotions

“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” This is the truth by which Montell Jordan lives each day. By rededicating his life to God and His will, he allowed himself to be refined and reinvented. Through prayer, devotions, worship, and counseling, Montell ministers to others in all walks of life. He would love the opportunity to help you open up your life to the positive influence of a relationship with God—to see hope and faith restored in your life.

Mission Trips and Events

Living a life that combines his gifts and his calling, Montell Jordan is active in mission trips and ministry events that allow him to positively impact the lives of others. Whether he’s preaching at his church in Atlanta, speaking at an event across the country, or traveling the world on a mission trip, Montell is passionate about helping others in need.