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Chapter 7: “This Is How We Do It”

In Chapter 7, Montell Jordan tells the story of the successful rise of “This Is How We Do It”, paired with a reflection on how his life has changed since his first top hit. Read or listen to get his take on the challenging role of women in the music business, the power of our words, and the value of choosing his marriage over his career.

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“This Is How We Do It” may be a huge part of Montell Jordan’s life, but his life story encompasses so much more than that. Find out how Montell made the transition from R&B superstar to ordained pastor in his full autobiography.

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Becoming Unfamous


How does one make the transition from an R&B superstar to an ordained pastor and family man? Not without a lot of challenges and opposition along the way. Through powerfully honest recollections and reflections, Montell lets you in on his trying and dynamic journey from R&B music into a full life in Christ in his new autobiography, Becoming Unfamous.

Choosing faith and family over fame, Montell has learned that nothing satisfies like Christ does. Blessed with an opportunity to function in both his gift and his calling, Montell is more alive today than ever before. Read the book to find out how Montell went from “How We Do It” to “How He Do It” by putting his focuses on his relationships with God, his wife, and his family.

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