About Montell Jordan

You’ve known and loved Montell Jordan for years—proudly singing along to every word whenever “This Is How We Do It” comes on. Now you can truly get to know the magnetic artist behind many hit songs of the past two decades.

Get to Know Montell

Montell Jordan is many things: an R&B legend, ordained pastor, worship leader, devoted husband and father, author, and public speaker. Once a world-touring superstar, Montell left Hollywood and the music industry behind in 2010 to pursue a different path—one that lets him not just entertain, but encourage and inspire those around him.


Grounded in Marriage, Ministry, & Music

Though certainly grateful for the opportunities afforded to him throughout his career, Montell realizes he wasn’t designed for fame, but to carry out a mission. That mission involves putting his relationships with God, his wife, and his family above all. Now rooted and grounded in ministry, Montell uses what he learned in the music business to help others. Today, Montell can be found sharing his testimony and story—with humor, honesty, and transparency—to reach people of all ages.  

Montell’s Music Today

Just because his focus has changed doesn’t mean Montell doesn’t still love creating music and sharing it with you! Today, you can catch Montell in venues of all types across the country. One day, he may be leading the worship team at Victory World Church, and the next, you’ll find him performing some of his top hits from the past two decades for a pumped-up crowd at a basketball game.

True to his roots, Montell is constantly writing, singing, and recording new music—with a couple of notable changes. While he used to sing about lots of women in his ’90s R&B music, now he only sings about one woman. Not only that, but his songwriting now centers on content that will last a lifetime, as opposed to what’s recent or relevant for the moment. His objective—whether he’s writing worship songs, love ballads, or fun tracks—is to write with forever in mind.

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Life & Career Accomplishments


Certificate of Ordination as a Pastor (2011)


Married to Kristin Hudson since June 1994


Proud Father of Four Children


Wrote, Sang, and Released 8 Dynamic Albums


Grammy Award Nominee


Accomplished Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Author, Entertainer

Meet the Jordan Family

In June 1994, Montell married the greatest love of his life, Kristin Hudson. Kristin has held Montell’s heart since the very beginning stages of his music business journey, eventually becoming his manager, most trusted partner, and wife. She is an author, mentor, public speaker, and much more. Over the past two decades, their relationship has evolved and grown stronger—as they’ve functioned together as artist and manager through many Montell Jordan albums, husband and wife, parents to their children, and marriage counselors to other couples.

Montell and Kristin are proud parents to four wonderful, spirited, unique children. Get to know them in the words of Montell and Kristin, themselves:

Christopher (27) is married to Catharine, and they are a riot! He is our competitive one—the one who pushes us all. He’s also the joker of the family, the comedian.

Sydney (20) is in her third year in college. She is super smart, super independent, and has two dogs (she calls them our granddogs!). Her name means “defender of mankind”, and that’s exactly who she is. She’s always finding herself in situations trying to fight for the underdog.

Skyler (12) is our athlete. He’s super intelligent. Football, soccer, basketball, cornhole—anything. He’s super competitive and good at almost everything he does. He’s a great, great kid.

Samantha (4) is the baby. She’s the little boss of the house, gorgeous, and our anchor. She’s got songs written about her, and she’s very musical. She has perfect pitch, even now at 4 years old!

Learn more about how Montell, Kristin, and their family are making an impact on the lives of others on a day-to-day basis.