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Montell Jordan

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A Journey from Success to Significance

For decades, legendary hip hop and R&B artist Montell Jordan has entertained fans of all ages through his music. And while music has always been his passion, Montell had been embracing his gift in his own way—pursuing success—instead of following his true calling. Now, as a worship leader and pastor, the father of four and devoted husband uses his musical talents and notoriety not just to entertain, but to encourage and inspire those around him.


From R&B superstar to ordained pastor, Montell Jordan shares the defining moments of his life and career in his revealing new autobiography

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Blending the styles of hip hop, blues, rap, and R&B in a unique way, Montell Jordan has produced a body of work to sustain him for a lifetime. The South Central Los Angeles native was propelled to stardom with his epic ’90s hit “This is How We Do It” and is still creating powerful music today. Revisit your old favorites and listen to the latest Montell Jordan songs here!

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If there’s one word to describe Montell Jordan, it would be transparent. It’s his willingness to openly share not just his successes, but his weaknesses and trials, with others that allows him to become influential or relevant. With his wife and family at his side, Montell leads and inspires others through his music, position within the church, books and written content, and speaking events across the country.

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